Doug Cembellin

“Lisa Timko is very responsive to text, calls and emails. She is super positive and I trust that she is always telling the truth. I live in California and was buying a rental property in South Euclid, OH (suburb of Cleveland). Lisa was very generous with her time, answering countless questions and providing information as I decided between a duplex and single family home and as I narrowed down my search by neighborhood. She never once pressured me to buy something or tried to sell me on a property. In fact, a couple properties needed a decent amount of work and she was very transparent about the costs which I appreciated. She was a wonderful liaison between me and the inspector, appraiser, the mortgage lender and even a contractor who was bidding a garage repair. I felt guilty taking up so much of Lisa’s time, but time and time again she assured me that I was not a bother and that she really wanted me to be happy. I could not give a higher recommendation to a real estate agent. If you go with Lisa, rest assured you will be in good hands.”